About Us

All costumes are hand made, to the highest quality. The fit and workmanship is the same standard you'd expect from a top designer.

All are 100% Australian made at our workshop in Sydney's East.  Don't be tempted by cheap clothing available through US or Chinese websites. These can use poor quality fabrics that fit badly, and don't survive past the first wash.

Our costumes use only high grade fabrics which feature a two-way stretch to ensure perfect fit, flexibility, and durability.  




I've been a dancer for 20 years, and a teacher for over 10. I know exactly how costumes need to be constructed, to achieve the best fit, comfort and function. All three are vital to good costuming, and enhance your performance.

The Costume Room is now 6 years old and growing strong with exciting projects coming our way everyday. The power of word of mouth and referral seems to get stronger and stronger for us every year, thank-you to everyone's great feedback on our dancing costumes.

Today we are constantly adapting, improving, and adding to our impressive selection. Now it's your turn to be involved in the ever evolving Costume Room.