BUST: widest part around bust
WAIST: smallest part around the middle of the body
HIPS: widest part around the buttocks
GIRTH: body circumference from collar bone through legs back around to collar bone
SLEEVE: shoulder seam to wrist bone
INSIDE LEG: crotch to floor standing with heels together
Custom Made
All bodies are unique, so if these sizes don't suit you, please contact us to discuss custom costume options.
Size ELASTIC Chest/Bust Waist Hips Girth Sleeve Length Inside LLC Height
Girls 4 (48CM) 58-60cm 48-49cm 61-62cm 101cm 30cm 55cm 1.12
Girls 5 (50cm) 61-62cm 50-51cm 63-64cm 105cm 32cm 57cm 1.17m
Girls 6 (52CM) 63-64cm 52-53cm 64-66cm 110cm 33cm 58m 1.22m
Girls 8 (54CM) 64-66cm 54-56cm 66-69cm 118cm 35.5cm 61cm 1.3m
Girls 10 (57CM) 57-59cm 70-76cm 126cm 39cm 66cm 1.4m
Girls 12 (60CM) 72-77cm 60-62cm 77-79cm 135cm 43cm 71cm 1.47m
Girls 14 (64CM) 78-84cm 62-64cm 80-84cm 143cm 47cm 74cm 1.57m
Ladies 8 (66CM) 85-89cm 63-66cm 84-89cm 152.5cm 51cm 77cm 1.62m
Ladies 10 (71CM) 90-94cm 67-70cm 90-94cm 162cm 54cm 82cm 1.67m
Ladies 12 (76CM) 95-99cm 71-74cm 95-99cm 171cm 57cm 87cm 1.7m
Ladies 14 (79CM) 100-104cm 75-80cm 100-104cm 181cm 61cm 92cm 1.72m
Ladies 16 (81CM) 105-109cm 81-84cm 105-108cm 191cm 64cm 97cm 1.72m