Hire Terms

The Costume Room offers a costume hire service for Dance School's, School shows, competitions and all important fancy dress hire, for large groups or stand out solo's. Items froma s little as $10. Kid's costumes whole outfits including hats gloves accessories from $35.

For large groups many different sizes are available, please keep in mind the average size of the dance group when looking in the gallery. Extra sizes can be made at hire cost up to 5 items.

Please contact us for 3 sizes to try on. We will make up the group from there.

As some fabrics are seasonal extra items may not be available Costume Hire is for the week. Contact us for a full detailed quote, competitive prices and discounts for bulk orders.


Check all your items. (When you get home and before the event.)

Hang it up, out of direct sunlight.

Take care with costume changes, use a scarf over your head for all white tops. (To avoid lipstick stains)

No eating in costume.

Do not iron or wash anything. (Before or after the concert)

Please do not cut the label out. (If irritating cover with a bandaid)

Please return no later than a week from hire.

Costumes for hire have the 'for hire' symbole on the picture.